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Taste the best food Spanish cuisine has to offer from the comfort or your home.


One of the most popular and well-known Spanish cheeses is undoubtedly Manchego which comes from the La Mancha area, the famous homeland of Don Quixote. It is made from full-fat milk of Mancha sheep which are farmed there – and that is where the cheese got its name from. Apart from its unusual taste and floral aroma, it can be recognised by its signature patterned crust formed by the traditional wicker mould used in the past.

Depending on four levels of maturity we recognise four versions of this cheese. The shortest time – 60 days – matures a soft, tender and malleable cheese called Fresco. A longer, 6 months (or 2 - 4 months if made industrially), requires the final maturing of cheese Semicurado, which will fascinate you with its creamy, slightly fruity flavour and light spicy finish. The same maturing period is required for the cheese Curado which stands out for its intense flavour and aroma reminiscent of caramel and nuts. The longest time of maturing – six months to one year – is required by the Aňejo cheese that has a more crumbly structure, caramel colour and slightly sweet taste.

The Manechego cheese is best enjoyed combined with olives, sundried tomatoes or crusty bread. It is perfectly suited for Spanish Tapas and also popularly paired with figs, grapes or pickled quince. So don’t hesitate, come and taste these incredible cheeses – we guarantee you will love them as much as we do!