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Taste the best food Spanish cuisine has to offer from the comfort or your home.


Spanish hams are a highly sought-after delicacy worldwide. It is especially true for ham Jamón which obtains its unmistakeable flavour and scent during the long curing process in natural cellars. This special ham is carefully prepared from pork leg or loin. Depending on what kind of pig it comes from it divides to Jamón Serrano – regular white pig and Jamón Ibérico – from a rare breed of black Iberian pig. Jamón Serrano falls into a similar category as Italian prosciutto. It is suitable for both preparation of cold starters and in regular cooking. It distinguishes based on length of curing: Paleta (10 months), Hembra and bodega (9 – 12 months), Reserva (12 – 15) and Gran Reserva (15 – 24).

Ham Jamón ibérico is a real rarity that does not have competition anywhere else in the world. It is a true delicacy of all gourmets, typical by more intense and long lasting flavour as individual slices are filled with healthy unsaturated fats. In the last phase of breeding, Iberian pig is fed exclusively with acorns, which is what makes Jamón Ibérico first class quality. The meat will captivate you by its juiciness and delicate softness so already after the first bite it will be obvious why it belongs to the most popular, expensive and exclusive of delicacies. Now you can also enjoy it in our shop, top quality guaranteed. So: “Buen Provecho!”, as the Spanish would say.


Spicy Spanish sausage made of finely chopped pork meat and bacon flavoured by garlic, chilli and smoked paprika. It is known as an essential part of the tapas experience.

Fuet & Salchichon

Special Spanish salami made of pork meat. A Popular delicacy for special celebrations or as an aperitif with wine.